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Digital Smile Design

“Get a breathtaking glimpse of what your future smile will look like, even before the final teeth are created”

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When you plan to do something, you usually have an end-result in mind. Most of the time, we do things with a specific goal in mind; these goals help us stay focused and encouraged with the things we need to achieve. The same can be said with creating a smile design: it gives you a visualisation of what your smile will look like, before the final teeth restorations are made.

It can be challenging to go through with a procedure without knowing what lies ahead. Digital Smile Design gives you the power to see the improvements that can be done to your smile, so you can have the peace of mind to confidently proceed with the treatment.

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design is a combination of a revolutionary philosophy with cutting-edge technology. It is used to visualise, diagnose, communicate, plan, present, and perform dental rehabilitations & smile makeovers. The smile design can be applied to cosmetic dentistry treatments such as:

  • Dental Implants
  • Orthodontics
  • Veneers
  • Crowns

“Let Digital Smile Design give you the power to see your smile, before the treatment can begin”

Conventional dentistry practises used to involve starting a specific dental treatment as soon as possible, often without considering the end result and how the smile will eventually look like. In these instances, both the function and the aesthetics of the smile may be compromised. Without a clear visualisation and a concrete goal in mind, the smile can end up looking unattractive, or may not function was well as expected.

“You will be actively involved in creation of your brand-new smile!”

Digital Smile Design makes it possible for you, the patient, to co-author how your smile will look like. The power to bring your dream smile into a reality relies not only on your dentist’s hands, but in yours as well. When you are given this power and knowledge, you will feel even more encouraged and excited to push through with the treatment – compared to the uncertainty of undertaking an unfamiliar procedure.

Digital Smile Design takes into consideration much more than your teeth before any treatment is done, because realistically, other factors can make or break the beauty and proper function of your smile. Any improvements on the aesthetics and use of your teeth should also consider how the procedure will affect the way you move your mouth, the way you speak, chew food, laugh, and other actions concerning your smile. A detailed facial analysis is made to see which steps are needed to provide improvements to the entirety of the smile when it is at rest, and during various movement phases.

Digital Smile Design looks at the big picture, and is not limited to any one aspect of your smile. This way, you can be confident that the treatment will give you a smile which is both aesthetically and functionally improved.

Digital Smile Design – it’s all about YOU

One of the best (if not THE best) things about Digital Smile Design is that you get to be the boss when it comes to creating your brand-new smile. Your personality is taken into consideration at the beginning of the planning stage, and you have the power to dictate what your smile will look like. This eliminates any unwanted surprises that can arise once the treatment is finished. Your desires and goals are considered in every step of the way towards creating your beautiful smile.

“Digital Smile Design lets you create a smile that is not just beautiful, but is also fully-functional, and perfectly fits your personality”

What is involved in a Digital Smile Design?

Dr. Avik Dandapat of Twyford Dental follows the following Digital Smile Design steps:

DSD Mock-up Steps

  • A video is taken, as well as 3D scans of the teeth and jaws
  • Video and images are sent to the Digital Smile Design laboratory
  • The laboratory designs the smile
  • 3D prints of the teeth are made
  • Dr. Dandapat then places the 3D prints onto the teeth to show you what the outcome could look like



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DSD Digital Smile Design UK

Benefits of Digital Smile Design?

  • More Predictable Aesthetic Planning – DSD makes it possible for both dentists and patients alike to have a clear idea of how the smile will look like, even before the treatment can begin. With this clear visual in mind, predictability of the appearance of the smile is significantly increased. Images can easily be manipulated as needed, to aid in the planning of how the smile will appear upon completion of the treatment.


  • Patient Empowerment –Digital Smile Design gives the patient the power to be a co-designer in what the smile will ultimately look like. The patient’s, personality, desires, and goals are taken into consideration during treatment planning, and will be used to craft the perfect smile as an end result.


  • Increased Patient Confidence and Case Acceptance – It is challenging to accept something that seems too complicated and unfamiliar. DSD increases patient confidence to go through the treatment, armed with a clear visualisation of what the smile will look like after the procedure.

“Digital Smile Design lets you feel the excitement of how beautiful your smile can be, right from the beginning of your treatment”

  • Simplified Evaluation of Data – Digital Smile Design simplifies the information obtained through cephalometric analysis, which is the analysis of the relationships between the dental and skeletal structures in the head.  

Introduction Videos

Digital Smile Design Products

  • DSD 2D (DSD Virtual Lab Planning & Design)

The DSD 2D is a product designed for dentists who are just starting out in the DSD Planning Center World, and is used in the creation of two-dimensional (2D) project of a patient’s case. The photos are organised into a PowerPoint or Keynote file, ready to be presented to the patient for better communication.

  • DSD 3D (DSD Virtual Lab Planning & Design)

Based on a 2D Smile Design project, the DSD 3D creates a 3D Virtual Wax-up Model (on a STL file). This is then used to print a three-dimensional (3D) model of the case.

  • DSD Mock-up (DSD Virtual Lab Manufacture)

The most complete product which consists of a printed three-dimensional (3D) model created from the representation of the DSD 2D. A thermoformed matrix is included, which can be used as a gingival guide for surgery, for patient’s temporary teeth restorations, and to transfer the mock-up into the patient’s mouth. Also included in the package is an image to show the consistency of the final printed 3D model to that of the DSD 2D.

  • DSD Guided Surgery (DSD Virtual Lab Planning & Design)

This product assists in the planning of a guided surgical procedure in dentistry, for maximum accuracy and to guarantee optimal aesthetic results.

DSD Software

  • Nemo DSD 2D

See How the Mock-ups are Made

DSD Mock up Tutorial from Digital Smile Design DSD on Vimeo.

This convenient to use software makes it possible for the dentist to modify teeth, redesign the smile, and make numerous orthodontic or cosmetic dentistry procedures – all with just a few clicks. A photographic mock-up can then be shown to the patient before the treatment can begin.

  • Nemo DSD 3D

Using a 2D Smile Design project, a 3D virtual wax-up model can be used to print a three-dimensional model of a patient’s case.

  • Nemo DSD Guided Surgery

This software is used by implantologists from all over the world to help in their guided surgery treatments, for results with improved precision and aesthetics.

  • NemoCAST 3D

This software eliminates the need for plaster cast in orthodontics, with all models stored digitally for better efficiency, as well as optimal speed in measurements and precision.

  • NemoCEPH 2D

The technology offers numerous possibilities for orthodontics – all throughout the diagnosis, treatment plan formulation, and case presentation.

  • NemoCEPH 3D

This software offers a three-dimensional model which can be beneficial in the diagnosis, planning the treatment, and case presentation in orthodontics.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Fee for Digital Smile Design is £399.00 (Wax-up Model).

*Actual Treatment fee is exclusive.

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