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Facial Aesthetics

You face is as important to an aesthetic smile as your teeth. Our team at Twyford are able to assess your facial lines, symetry and balance to your smile and use a variety of methods to correct wrinkles and enhance certain features. Areas can look at :

Facial Line & Wrinkle Treatments with Toxins

  1. Crows Feet
  2. Glabella (In between eyes)
  3. Smile lines
  4. Smokers lines around the lips
  5. Forehead lines
  6. Jowls – these can be lifted
  7. Signature lift (Known as the Nefertiti-Lift)
  8. Pronounced masseter muscles that you use to bite

Dermal Filler

  1. Nose to mouth lines
  2. Lip enhancement
  3. Nose – We offer non-surgical Rhinoplasty using Juvederm or Restylane
  4. Chin – For weak chin we can place Sub-Q filler to enhance the facial side profile and chin area

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