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We are one of the few UK practices that have a 3D C.T. Scanner on-site specifically for Implant diagnostics.


Dental CT (Computerised Tomography)

Here at our practice we incorporate the very latest 3D imaging technique known as Dental CT scanning. Primarily used for assessment of teeth and bone before implant placement. The CT Scanner is one of the worlds most compact units that delivers high quality 3D rendered virtual models of your teeth and jaws. It also has the benefit of a low radiation dose. Scan times are only 15 seconds and allows our dentists to diagnose with ease and high accuracy.

OPG (Orthopantomograph) Digital X-ray

The system allows for 2D general overview x-ray with high clarity to view the teeth, bone, jaws and TMJ (Temporomandibular Joints) near the ear. We would take this x-ray for a general overview of the entire dentition to assess the bone support of teeth or the presence of disease such as Periodontal conditions (Gum disease).. It would also be used prior to oral surgery such as extraction of wisdom teeth.


Digital tooth x-rays (Periapical and screening x-rays)

Our normal intra-oral x-ray system is also digitally integrated into our computer network. The individual x-rays are taken for assessment of teeth and identification of disease.

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