Fees are set to date and are a guide to the dental treatments we provide.

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AssessmentNon-Members FeesMembers Fees
(*Silver or *Gold Dental-Plan).
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 New Patient Examination £65.00 £40.00
 Routine Examination £36.00 Included
 Small Digital X-Rays from £12.00 Included
 Full Mouth Digital X-ray £80.00 Included with *Gold
Hygienist Services
Routine Scaling£55.50Included
Extensive Scaling£120.00£50.00
Stain Removal£45.00Included with *Gold
Gum Disease (Periodontal) Treatment£175.00Included with *Gold
Fillings (Dependent on Size, Material & Tooth)
White (Composite)£75.00 – £250.00£50.00 – £175.00
Silver (Amalgam)£65.00 – £135.00£45.00 – £120.00
Crown, Veneer and Bridgework
Metallic Crown£395.00£355.50
Bonded Crown£600.00£540.00
Ceramic Crown£950.00£855.00
Bridge units£650.00£595.00
Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal Treatment (excludes x-rays and core filling)£495.00 – £595.00£450.00 – £530.00
Acrylic Denture£450.00£405.00
Metal Denture£1050.00£945.00
Oral Surgery
Simple Extraction£105.00£94.50
Complex Extraction£225.00£202.50
Wisdom Tooth Removal£395.00£355.50
I.V. Sedation£375.00£337.50
Tooth Whitening
Boutique Dental Whitening System£299.00£269.00
Anti-Aging Treatments
Wrinkle Reduction – 3 sites£399.00£360.00
Dermal Filler (Facial Line reduction)£599.00£540.00
Lip Treatment / Enhancement£595.00£535.50
Orthodontics – Braces
Consultation – child£30.00Included
Consultation – adult£40.00Included
Adult – 6 months Smiles (Per Arch)£2,200.00£2,000.00
Adult – Clear Braces (SmileAlign) – Per Arch£1,995.00£1,795.00
Adult – Clear Brace (Invisalign) – Per Arch£3,950.00£3,555.00

Dental Implants

Please also visit for Our Implant specific website
Initial Examination£55.00Included
CT Scan & Report (Per Jaw)
CT Scan & Report (Both Jaws)
Included with *Gold
Placement of Implant£1,200.00£1,080.00
Restoration of Implant£1,000.00£900.00

*Additional procedures maybe required such as bone augmentation, Sinus grafting and we will provide a comprehensive report and examination.