Implant Patient

Single Missing Tooth
The thought of your front tooth being cracked and having to be extracted can be a devastating thought for anyone. We are the few clinics in the UK that can offer immediate replacement with a same day tooth on an implant if the conditions are met clinically. We would always strive to replace a front tooth as quickly and pain free as possible. With over 12 years of experience performing immediate placement implants in the smile zone our results here are what we would strive for every single case we perform. We want the best for our patients and will deliver no compromise treatments based on sound long term clinical evidence.

Single Implants

Creating Natural replacement teeth using our dental implants and natural all ceramic restorations for aesthetic and functional replacement teeth allowing you to chew, smile and sing with confidence again


Dental Implants on Canines
Precision Dental Implant placement to replace this patients canines here we used our CBCT scanner and intraoral scanner to produce a surgical guide followed by the provision of Zirconia all ceramic natural crown work using our premium implant system Megagen. As you can see the results are absolutely natural and in harmony to the surrounding natural teeth.