Case 8

Same Day Smile with Implants

Case 6

Same Day Smile with Implants
Our patient had several failing teeth and we rehabilitated him with 11 dental implants restoring both function and aesthetics of his smile in simple pain-free visits using our dental implant digital planning tools.

Case 4

Full Arch Rehabilitation
Mrs A visited us with failing teeth due to years of gum disease and wished for a fixed set of teeth. following our extensive examination, digital smile designs, 3D scans we were able to deliver a beatiful and heathy smile using 12 dental implants (6 per jaw) and 2 12 unit ceramic bridges. She is now able to smile, speak, eat and sing with no worries of loose dentures. We love doing these cases and really making a huge difference to people lives. Modern dental techniques and utilising the latest technology we were even able to provide a fixed set of temporary teeth in 1 day whilst the implants were healing. This is the reason we go to work everyday as we love what we can do.
Perfect, couldn’t get any better service. Avik’s always been very helpful to me, he just fixed things. Very thorough, very professional and I would thoroughly recommend him

Case 2

Denture Replaced with Dental Implants
We really enjoyed this case replacing a denture that was work for years - We placed 3 dental implants and carefully made a bespoke ceramic bridge giving our patient his smile back and conserving the teeth that were present. Ongoing care and prevention is also extremely important to us for our patients

Case 7

Same Day Smile with Implants

Case 5

Same Day Smile with Implants
The first thing people would say to me is, don’t you have the most beautiful smile

Case 3

Loose Teeth
Mrs D came to us complaining of loose teeth. Indeed she was just at the point of those long bridges failing and coming off frequently - something that affected her self-esteem every day. We planned a careful placement of 6 dental implants at the same time the remaining teeth were extracted. Unto those implants we were able to place a fixed temporary bridge immediately whilst the implants fused to the bone. After a few months of healing the temporary bridge was replaced with a beautifully made ceramic bridge that was designed around her wishes and helped frame her face. We couldn't be happier for our patient and she was delighted with the end result. She now has a healthy beautiful smile.

Case 1

Same Day Smile with Implants